Greater Noida PG Room Rent

Greater Noida PG Room Rent

Greater Noida PG Room Rent: Major concern of staying in a PG in Greater Noida is sharing your room with a stranger & food. Here at KCC Hostels if you are not comfortable sharing your room then you can go for individual room at an affordable price. Food is the most significant part of the student’s life and it’s something non-negotiable. KCC Hostel follows multi cuisine menu that includes North Indian, Chinese, south Indian and continental. Meals are provided 4 times in a day and it is inclusive of the PG fee structure.

In-House Staff

Managers: The manager of the KCC PG pays attention to each small detail so that people living here does not face any difficulty. Manager boosts the confidence and motivation of other staff of the pg. He uncomplainingly attends to each and every feedback that he receives in order to resolve lapse if any. He reviews the areas which need improvement and thereby create and follow a plan to preserve the favourite atmosphere in the hostel.

Greater Noida PG Room Rent

Reception Staff: The reception staff at the KCC PG is very friendly and cordial. He keeps a check on every single minute detail. He conducts proper check-in and check-out process, maintains records, interacts with the guests with a very receptive way, maintains accurate reservation information, maintains a customer contact list and assist with any other requests if any.

Kitchen Staff: The kitchen staff works in a quick-paced and demanding environment so as to prepare delicious food. The kitchen staff performs a wide range of responsibilities in the quick-moving kitchen. The kitchen staff is responsible for ensuring that all clean areas of the kitchen, food prep, and food storage areas are clean and appropriately sanitized.

This contains washing dishes and cooking gear, cleaning floors, sanitizing countertops and cutting boards, and maintaining all parts to health code standards.

Guards: We have appointed vastly trained team to look after each and every aspect of PG’s security. KCC PG’s security guards work directly on the PG property, patrolling the grounds, Free parking lots, lobbies and keeping surveillance over all. Hostel/PG guards are assigned a room, where they monitor the hostel through security cameras.

Assistant: Hostel assistant provide administrative and operational care to all the people that work in the KCC Hostels. They focus on training new staffs, assigning tasks, taking phone calls, monitoring staff when the PG Manager is not present and doing paperwork.

Greater Noida PG Room Rent

Triple Sharing-

AC Rooms- Rs-1,00,000/- P.a

Cooler Room-Rs-85,000/-P.a

Twin Sharing-

AC Rooms-Rs-1,20,000/- P.a

Cooler Room-Rs-1,00,000/-P.a

Single Occupancy-

AC Room-Rs-1,50,000/-P.a

Cooler Room-Rs-1,25,000/-P.a

Dorm Room- AC Room-Rs-85,000/-

FAQs on PG in Greater Noida

1). How Safe are PGs in Greater Noida for Students & Working Professionals?
Only the PGs in Greater Noida can tell you what security measures they have. What we can tell you is that KCC Hostels has a multi-tier tech-enabled security system in hostel. It includes biometric entry, CCTV cameras, etc. Because we can not claim to offer you second homes if we can not help you feel safe inside the hostel.

2). How is KCC Hostels Different from Local PGs in Greater Noida?
A PG in Greater Noida will remain in the category of boring, traditional PGs/hostels, But a KCC Hostels will always be your second home. KCC offers various services like indoor games, outdoor games, gardens, delicious food, etc

3). Which are the Best PGs in Greater Noida for Gents?
Compared to the other PGs in Greater Noida for boys, the best ones is KCC hostels. But whey KCC is really the best option for you? A place that is not just a place to stay, but your second home that you deserve.

4). How Much will a Fully Furnished PG in Greater Noida Cost?
The normal rent for a furnished (not fully furnished) PG in Greater Noida is a few thousand rupees. But then you will have to cope with a PGs boring life and mismanagement instead of the exciting & comfortable life in a KCC PG.

5). Why is KCC Hostels an Ideal Choice for Best PG in Greater Noida?
What makes KCC Hostels is a better choice than a PG in Greater Noida, is that it’s not a PG in Greater Noida. It’s a place that welcomes you like their family and becomes a key part of your life in this city. In other words, KCC can be your second home.


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