volleyball court in greater noida

So many students are interested in sports but did not get enough opportunity to either play or didn’t have suitable background. Certainly, the idea of sports are least considering whilst applying to college.However, what if a student gets all the advantages of studying in a college along with the volleyball court.

These days so many students are interested in sports. Some play this sports in their school and want to continue their passion and in some cases students never get a chance to play because of limited resources but wanted to get a new hobby or some just play this game to stay fit and in shape. Hence for those volleyball interested players, KCC institute – one of the largest college of greater noida spreads in almost 40 acres of area introduce the ground for volleyball.

A huge ground set up for sports players for the KCC students who can use it anytime as per their preference. The court is even open at night and students can stressed out their after the hectic schedule. The hostel is in the campus so it gives advantages to all students living in the premises can play there anytime.

Generally, in the place like greater noida, one can find a few number of sports complex where volleyball is available aand certainly they charge for it. However, in KCC college, any outside students not allowed in the premises which provides them cent percent security but also not to pay a single penny to use the court.

KCC College encourages their students sto participate in sports competition, attain a new hobby and continoue the older one. Certainly, after high school the pressure is immense. Therefore, sports like volleyball helps them to relief stress, stay calm, get a new hobby and perfect it. Not only that but also, volleyball gives a natural physical strength to all students.

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