Top 15 BBA Specializations in India

One of the best professional degrees to possess is BBA. This degree holds many gifts and rewards for students who want to pursue a career in management. The majority of top BBA colleges in Delhiand universities now offer a wide range of BBA specializations. This degree is equivalent to MBA post-graduation on a bachelor’s scale and a stepping stone for management aspirants. Additionally, best BBA colleges offer economical BBA course fees to help students pursue their dream career in management.

These BBA specializations determine the industry in which you will work in management. In case after earning your degree from best BBA college, you have the options to either focus on human resources or start finding a job in a company’s human resources division or continue your education to earn an MBA in human resources. Therefore, the decisions you make today will have an impact on your schooling and profession later on.

You can find all the information you need about BBA specializations in the article that follows. What different specializations are there? Which ones are the best? How can I select the best BBA colleges? What is the average BBA course fees? If you are thinking about studying BBA, the material provided below will be helpful.

Here are 15 BBA specializations available in top BBA colleges in Greater Noida:

BBA in International Business

It makes a lot of sense to choose International Business as your BBA specialization in today’s globalized society. With this degree, you can work for global corporations or even find employment abroad. Since the focus of this degree is operating businesses globally, you also study international commerce, tax, and accounting legislation.

You will be in high demand as a candidate in global companies and overseas businesses if you have a BBA in international business. The pay scale, benefits, and career opportunities are all quite good.

BBA in Computer Application

The trend of computer applications is forever enshrined into the core of business operations and it’s going to be that way for a very long time. The time has come. You will learn how to use computer apps and programs with this specializations. Additionally, a BBA will prepare you to manage development teams in addition to developing.

The BBA in Computer Application is the best degree option for students who desire to work in the IT sector. It has some of the highest-paid professionals and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. So, once you land a job in IT, you already know you’re headed in the right direction.

BBA in Finance

Students who have a knack for math and strong analytical and reasoning skills can consider BBA specialization in finance. Finance department in any company holds the lion’s share of administrative control in all departments, thus, makes it a lucrative administrative position for BBA graduates.

Due to the high salaries associated with finance-related positions, many finance professionals go on to establish their own consulting and advisory firms after gaining the necessary expertise and qualifications.

BBA in Entrepreneurship

When you can start your own business, why work for someone else? With a BBA specialization in Entrepreneurship, you can launch your own business. The students gain a thorough understanding of starting a business from scratch as well as the regulations and legislation that must be adhered to.

Students who aspire to join and expand their family enterprises should pursue a BBA in Entrepreneurship from best BBA colleges. It will give wings to your career dreams.

BBA in Hospitality

The hospitality sector is expanding, particularly in a rapidly economically booming country like India. Having a BBA specialization in hospitality is therefore a wise career option. You will learn everything there is to know about the difficult hotel sector and its distinctive approach to customer-focused business.

You can pursue a profession in India’s hospitality sector with a BBA in Hospitality. By earning a degree from the best BBA institutions in Delhi NCR, you can also get a placement opportunity in abroad. Although the compensation may not be high at first, it will increase over time. Excellent rewards come with working in hospitality.

BBA in Human Resources

A prominent BBA specialization is the Human Resources. Any sector needs HR professionals since they are the ones that make sure a business works properly and its employees are content. Managing organizational structure and serving as a liaison between employees and management are key to HR.

You can work in middle management with a BBA in human resources. You can work as a generalist or a recruiter. Your pay varies on the business and sector you work in, but most HR professionals make a solid living and have access to excellent benefits and career advancement opportunities.

BBA in Information Systems

Students who choose to specialize in information systems from best BBA colleges in Greater Noida learn how to employ technology to address business issues. As a result, you will study topics related to both computer programming and business management.

This BBA specialization is for those who desire to work in management in the Indian IT sector. This is regarded as the nation’s top paying, professional sector. Therefore, graduates can anticipate competitive beginning pay and perks.

BBA in Tourism

The industry of tourism is eternal. Millions of people are employed there, both in formal and informal manner. You can find solid career-oriented work in a variety of fields in the organized sector with a BBA specializationin Tourism and make a good income doing so. The tourist industry in India is expanding and will require many expertise.

You have the option to work in any area of this sector, from working for travel agencies to providing services related to tourism. Earnings in this sector has witnessed a ridiculous growth in the last couple of decades, particularly in the organized sector. Therefore, best BBA colleges in Greater Noida are offering lucrative placements in this sector.

BBA in Marketing

The majority of businesses offer goods or services, and in order to do so, they must market their products or services. The department of marketing is in charge of this. You can get an executive-level position in the marketing division with a BBA specialization in marketing.

Executives in marketing earn a nice living. You must work in the field as part of this job. Marketing professionals receive various perks and advantages in addition to a competitive income. As a result, many students choose to study at top BBA colleges in Greater Noida to gain a competitive edge in this field.

BBA in Sports Management

Students can study about sports management by specializing in BBA in Sports Management. This sector is small and still in infant stagebut growing at a rapid pace compared to larger ones, which indicates the possibility of countless job opportunities in future. Graduates from the best BBA colleges in Delhi who specialize in this field can manage athletic events, sports teams, athletes, merchandise, and more.

There is a lot of potential to earn a fantastic salary package because this is a new sector. You can handle many different parts of sports management and pursue a profession in it for the rest of your life.

BBA in Hospital and Healthcare

Students who pursue a BBA in Hospital & Healthcare learn how private hospitals operate. One of the most popular destinations for medical tourism is now India. Many of the best hospitals in India now hire graduates from top BBA institutions in Delhi NCR to help manage and expand their facilities.

The hospital and healthcare industry is immune to economic downturns. High incomes are offered, and excellent medical benefits are also available. Graduates may also be eligible for lucrative government positions.

BBA in Accounting

This BBA specialization is for you if you are skilled with numbers, calculations, and figure analysis. One of the most crucial facets of managing a business is accounting. Understanding the profits and losses enables businesses to plan and submit the necessary tax payments to the government. As a result, picking this specialization is a wise decision. Numerous extra accounting courses can also help you improve your resume.

The accounting departments are managed by BBA graduates with a specialization in accounting. As a result, they receive a competitive compensation, plus benefits and several prospects for advancement. Due to the consistency of accounting procedures, changing careers and industries is very simple.

BBA in Supply Chain

The importance of the supply chain in a manufacturing organization cannot be overstated. A manufacturing company that has a poorly managed supply chain can never grow. The management of the supply chain in a manufacturing organization is the focus of this specialization. Students learn about packaging, manufacturing, supply, and other topics.

Since a company’s success depends on its ability to manage its supply chain flawlessly, supply chain managers are among the most in-demand employees in the sector. They are also compensated with a high pay and benefits due to this demand.

BBA in Retail

One of the major economic drivers in the country is the retail sector. Selecting the retail specialization is a great idea because the industry is expanding and needs competent managers. You will study all there is to know about working in retail in this specialization. Management of customers and products, stock, accounting, etc. will all be covered.

BBA in Digital Marketing

An advanced study of the strategies employed in the marketing of goods or services using digital technology, such as the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital media, is essentially what BBA in Digital Marketing curriculum entails.


Making the best choice requires getting to know all about BBA specializations, which is just the tip of the iceberg. The BBA program is becoming more and more popular in India, and it may eventually surpass other traditional undergraduate programs. Get in touch with counselors, alumni, teachers for guidance on what specialization would be best for you.


Q1. Which BBA specialization has highest placements?

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources

Q2. What are the subjects required in BBA?

There is no such prerequisite that you should have any particular subject for obtaining BBA Admission in Delhi, unlike B.Tech or BCA. The only qualifying requirement for a BBA is a 10 + 2 grade from an accredited board.

Q3. Where BBA graduates can find jobs?

  • Corporate houses
  • MNCs
  • Private as well as government offices
  • Educational institutes
  • NGOs
  • Industries
  • Health care setups
  • Finance institutes

Q 4.What is BBA Entrance Exam Syllabus including?

BBA Entrance Exam is generally objective type entrance test which evaluates

  • English Language
  • Quantitative Aptitude,
  • Reasoning Ability
  • English Proficiency
  • Business & General Awareness