Scope of MBA after BJMC Program

The best entry-level course in the media industry is a 3-year undergraduate program BJMC. The media industry in India is expanding quickly, and young people are now attracted toward it. Of all the undergraduate media courses, BJMC is the best one for a better future. The employment prospects following BJMC are excellent. Particularly if it comes from a prestigious BJMC college. However, a lot of students choose to continue their education following this course.

The MBA in Media Management is one of the most well-liked post-graduation programs available after the BJMC. However, a lot of students are unaware of the possibilities and breadth after completing an MBA program. The specifics, range, and potential of the MBA in Media Management have all been discussed in this course.

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Is MBA after BJMC really worth?

In India today, there are many subjects where MBA is taught, with marketing, human resources, and finance being the most common. Choosing it will be a wise decision if you want to pursue a career in the media. However, it would undoubtedly limit your chances to pursue a career in other industries.

Media management is primarily covered in the MBA in Media Management curriculum. The course includes a sizable percentage of mass communication and journalism course work, as well as a few common management topics for a few semesters. Neither full-fledged journalism nor comprehensive management education are taught to you.

However, MBA after BJMC can bring a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Publishing
  • New Media &
  • Event management

Career Scope of MBA after BJMC

Compared to the BJMC program, the MBA Media Management course has a far wider reach. It is thus because a candidate receives increased knowledge of the media industry through the MBA Media Management program. Here are the motivations for earning an MBA in media management, in greater detail:

  • Typically, a candidate gains communication skills while taking the BJMC course. However, he or she enhances their talents to a professional level with the MBA Media Management course. These abilities will enable the applicant to do well when applying for jobs in the media sector.
  • In India, the media sector is expanding at the fastest rate. No matter their social or economic status, the majority of homes nowadays have access to at least one kind of media. The media sector has expanded, creating more positions than there are qualified applicants.
  • The leading media outlets in India are on the lookout for young people with a lot of energy who can make a positive impact on the sector and bring in money for the business. These media companies typically favor recruiting MBA students.
  • Candidates that are better in reporting, anchoring, content writing, or any other type of communication can benefit most from the MBA in Media Management program. These gifted applicants might choose from a wide range of positions.
  • An MBA in media management will continue to have a wide range of applications. This is true because the fourth economic pillar, the media, is immune to changes in the overall economy. As a result, there are plenty of options in this course.

Challenges with MBA after BJMC

Despite being a lucrative career options, there are quite a few challenges exists for students who want to pursue MBA after completing BJMC program.

Limited positions

There aren’t many open spots in the beginning because the course is still very new. Not at all, especially in the public sector. Possibly a handful work in the private sector. Similar to the radio industry, print media, advertising agencies, PR agencies, television industry, sports media, TV networks, and news channels.

Low Confidence among Recruiters for Fresher

The largest issue you’ll run into is the difficulty of hiring managers will have since the course is still relatively new and little known. Students of mass communication and journalism are traditionally preferred by recruiters in the media (print media, visual media, advertising, etc.), and after considerable years of experience they are promoted to the ranks of media managers. In contrast to your situation, they are thought to be a better and safer option because they are familiar with all the complexities of the media. They are also the best choice because they have experience under their belts.

Your potential to excel in other management areas almost decreases as you study less management and more journalism.

Lack of Internship Opportunities

Now since media isn’t just restricted to writing and editing, advertising, or any of the other alternatives stated above, you’ll struggle to obtain internships as well. Your chances of finding employment in that field will increase depending on the field you choose for your internship. Any of the aforementioned fields where internships are completed will attract employment in those fields. Advertising, public relations, new media, or anything else. So make a sensible choice.

No Jobs in Public Sector

No job opening in the public sector (government jobs) will be clearly advertised that it requires “Media management.” Which is a major drawback. PSUs invite applications for corporate communication officers or PR officers, but they prefer MassCom academics (although you can apply in this case). Likewise, if they invite applications for marketing officers, HR officers, or finance officers, they would prefer MBA students with majors in marketing, HR, and finance, respectively. In the latter scenario, you will lose the job.

Scope for Higher Studies

Additionally, because media management isn’t one of the disciplines offered by colleges, if you want to pursue higher education, such as a PhD, you will need to major in mass communication or journalism. Although you can apply for paper code 17 in the UGC NET for management applicants if you have an MBA, it will be quite challenging for you to pass because you’ll only be studying a small portion of it. And as you may have seen, professors of mass communication and journalism primarily teach media management.


The BJMC degree is an excellent course for the media sector, and continuing your education with an MBA in Media Management may be the ideal option. The typical income packages offered with the MBA Media Management degree make up for the slightly higher cost of the course relative to the BJMC degree. Just two more years must be given after the BJMC course is finished. As a result, candidates should enroll in this program for greater employment prospects.