Is Greater Noida expensive to live?

Is it worth living in Greater Noida?

Let’s find out!

Students, graduates, working professionals, builders, real estate investors, and homeowners have long favoured Greater Noida because of its infrastructure and proximity to the National Capital Region. While there is a lot of industrial development and urbanization in Greater Noida, there is also a lot of vegetation as well. Its wide and immaculate road network makes it even better. Numerous well-known colleges, companies, and industries, including India Expo Mart and Hostel PGs, are based in Greater Noida. For students looking for a PG hostel near me, Greater Noida offersthe most benefits for renting, lodging, food, transportation, and other services. Depending on your way of life, a student’s life in Greater Noida could be more expensive than in other Indian cities. Now let’s examine some real figures.

What is the cost of life for students in Greater Noida?

This region in Noida city has been ranked the best in Uttar Pradesh and serves as a hub for numerous housing developments and expansions. Greater Noida is a city renowned for its superb facilities and architecture. The cost of living in any nation or location will depend on your way of life. In Greater Noida, a peaceful student life may cost you anywhere between INR 25,000 and INR 35,000 per month. PG Rent, electricity bills, and any other expenses are included in this. Bachelors and students might think about renting a PG hostel near me where they may easily get a single occupancy AC room for 7000–10,000 rupees.

The cost of living for students in Greater Noida

Greater Noida houses numerous excellent educational institutes that accept both domestic and foreign students. These institutions also offer Hostel PG services to students within their campus. If you are a student looking for a PG near Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida, then KCC hostels is the cheapest option you can get.

Students need to have a budget for living in Greater Noida. This includes the cost of the PG hostel near me. Here are some of the most common expenses for students:

  • Most PG near Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida are suitable for sharing, and roommates split the rent. The majority of PG Hostel rent falls between INR 6000 and INR 8000 a month.
  • If you hired a chef, your living expenses would increase. You may control food costs by cooking your own food.
  • For commuting, buses and e-rickshaws are economical choices.

The Cost of Living in Greater Noida for a Bachelor

Malls are just one of the many attractions of Greater Noida.

In Greater Noida, a single person can live for less money than a couple or a family. The approximate cost of a bachelor’s degree is as follows:

  • The initial rent for sectors 12, 32, and 100 is between INR 4000 and 7000, whereas sectors 100 and 128 have between INR 35000 and 80000.
  • Living expenses for a paying visitor can vary from INR 4500 to INR 22000.
  • The cost of PG near Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida may range from INR 8000-12000 per month.
  • It’s simple to earn money as a bachelor if you own your car and can cook.
  • A monthly grocery budget of INR 2000–3000 is possible.
  • A single person’s monthly expenses in Greater Noida come to about INR 30000.

These are the approximate costs of a bachelor’s lifestyle in Greater Noida. Bachelors looking for a short-term stay in an affordable way can reach out to KCC PG to get a room of their choice.

5 things to keep in mind for students while moving to Greater Noida

It’s never easy to move out of your cosy home. However, there are instances when it’s the only way to advance in your career or as a student. Greater Noida provides greater options for living and further education because its home to some of the most prominent educational institutions and PG hostel near me like KCC Hostels.

Since Greater Noida is home to some of the top IT companies in India and provides excellent educational opportunities, it is gradually gaining popularity among students and young professionals. The city’s real estate, educational, medical, and recreational facilities have all grown quickly, and its cost of living is marginally lower than that of other NCR regions. The excellent accessibility that Noida provides to other areas of the NCR region is another indication of this progress, which makes it an even more alluring destination for students to remain.

Here are some things to consider while relocating to Greater Noida if you have been accepted to one of the many excellent colleges in the area:


One of Greater Noida’s best features is its accessibility both inside and outside the city. Here, taxi services like Ola and Uber are easily accessible. In addition to taxis, you can easily go shorter distances in autos and electric rickshaws, also called “tuk-tuks,” and longer distances by taking the metro. The latter modes of transportation are less expensive and spare you the trouble of using an app to reserve a taxi. You can also discover travel companions for your daily journey to the institute since many college students choose to live in a PG hostel near me to their college.If you would like to travel to Delhi, you may easily take the metro, which is inexpensive and has connections to all of the main parts of the city.


Since Greater Noida has countless PG Hostel Near me, it’s not too hard to find an inexpensive place to stay. Students travelling from different cities to study in Greater Noida can stay in KCC hostels provided by the KCC Institutes in Knowledge Park. You can think about co-living an option like ours in addition to renting an apartment or staying at the hostel. The co-living spaces in Greater Noida that we at your space offer are cosy and designed with the needs and difficulties that newcomer students encounter in mind. KCC PG offers furnished guest rooms that are ideally situated close to important educational institutions and provide excellent facilities including cooked meals, housekeeping, a gym, and more.


Before moving into any specific location in Greater Noida, make sure you thoroughly explore the region, including how far it is from your college and how close it is to markets, hospitals, and police stations. Avoid visiting remote and undeveloped parts of the city, particularly after dark. Well-known apartment buildings and PG Hostel near me offer improved security with CCTV monitoring and round-the-clock security personnel.


With its shopping centres, theme parks, eateries, and markets, Greater Noida provides a wealth of entertainment alternatives that are perfect for weekend get-togethers with college friends. Noida’s malls offer the widest range of brands for shopping, as well as several well-known restaurants and multiplexes showing the newest films. You may always take the metro to Delhi to take advantage of its fantastic street shopping, explore its historical sites, or simply unwind at one of its numerous eateries.


Eating nutritious home-cooked meals keeps you fuelled for long study sessions as well as helps you maintain your fitness. If you choose KCC Hostels, you can forget about worrying about cooking for yourself or finding someone to do it for you because your meals are covered by your lease. In addition to everyday meals, you may enjoy a range of street food alternatives and restaurants close to PG near Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida with your friends.

In Conclusion

Relocating to a new place may be both thrilling and frightening. Remember the aforementioned advice as you navigate Greater Noida as a student to ensure a seamless transition. Should you remain uncertain about the ideal PG Hostel near me, feel free to get in touch with KCC PG hostels, and we will be happy to assist you in booking a room at our PG near Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida. To make your time as a student as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, KCC Hostels offers a variety of rooms, food choices, and rates.

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