How to become a CS after B Com (H)?

In India, the profession of a company secretary is one of the most respected and financially secure options, and it has grown significantly in importance in recent years as a career after B. Com(H). CS was the third most popular choice for a career after B. Com (H)among students, behind CA and CMA.

A certified company secretary must now be appointed by all companies in accordance with the Companies Act. You do not need to take a CS foundation exam because you are pursuing your graduate degree and can apply directly for the CS executive course while enrolled in the B. Com (H) College in Greater Noida.

Before you may register with the ICSI at the local chapter nearest you, you must first take two groups of tests in CS Executive. The tests are given twice a year, i.e.

You can take any of the Cycles for the exam between June and December. You must go through the internship process after completing the CS Executive group. The internship will last for three years if you sign up for it while you are enrolled in the Executive Programme, two years if you opt to complete it after completing the Executive Programme, and one year after completing the Professional Programme.

CS after B. Com (H)

Following completion of your degree from B. Com (H) college in Greater Noida, you can take the following steps to become a CS (Company Secretary):

Enroll in the Company Secretary (CS) course: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) offers the CS program. Foundation, Executive, and Professional are the three levels of the program.

Pass the CS tests: After enrolling in the course, you must pass the CS exams for each of the three levels.

Complete the training criteria: You must also fulfil the ICSI-imposed standards for practical training. You can complete this training by working for a company secretary who is currently in practice or in the business world.

Become an ICSI member: After finishing the CS course and the training requirements, you can become an ICSI member and receive the CS certificate.

Although it is not a necessity to become a CS, having a degree from B. Com (H) college in Greater Noidacan be useful in understanding the financial and accounting parts of the job. However, seeking a career after B. Com (H)as a CS can benefit from having a background in business.

CS: Company Secretary

You must successfully complete the Institute of Company Secretaries of India’s (ICSI) CS course in order to become a Company Secretary (CS). The goal of the course is to give you the abilities and information needed to work as a company secretary. The stages you must do to become a CS are listed below:

Eligibility: A graduating degree from an accredited university, or its equivalent, is required to enroll in the computer science course. No particular subject or stream is necessary for eligibility.

Once you have satisfied the eligibility requirements, you can register with ICSI to take the CS course. You can register online or by going to the ICSI office that is closest to you.

Clear the Three Levels: There are three levels to the CS course: Foundation, Executive, and Professional. There are a certain set of subjects for each level that you must learn and pass exams for. Every year, you have the option of taking the exams in June or December. The exams are given in an online setting.

Complete Practical Training: You must successfully complete practical training in addition to passing the tests. Depending on the course’s level, the training’s duration varies. Following the Foundation level, you must complete 4 months of training, 21 months of training for the Executive level, and 15 months of training for the Professional level.

About Bachelor of Commerce B. Com (H)

Bachelor of Commerce, abbreviated B.Com. It is a bachelor’s degree program with business, commerce, and management studies emphasis. B. Com (H) College in Greater Noidaand other cities provide the program, which is normally completed in three years.

The B.Com degree offers a wide range of topics, including taxation, business law, marketing, economics, and finance. It prepares students for a variety of occupations in the corporate world by giving them a solid foundation in business and commerce.

The B.Com Honours program typically covers a variety of topics, including:

• Financial Accounting
• Cost Accounting
• Business Economics
• Business Law
• Marketing Management
• Human Resource Management
• Income Tax
• Corporate Accounting
• Management Accounting
• Auditing and Assurance

After completing the program from B. Com (H) college in Greater Noida, students have a wide range of job opportunities to choose from, including banking, insurance, accounting, finance, and taxation. To improve their chances of landing a job, they can also seek more education, like an MBA or a professional course like CA, CS, or CMA.

Career after B. Com (H)

• Finance
• Management
• Accountant
• Marketing management
• Financial Analyst
• Accounting
• Sales Management
• Chartered accountant
• Financial adviser
• Investment banking
• Account Executive
• Project manager
• Audit
• Company Secretary
• Financial Management
• Management Accounting
• Actuary
• Account Manager
• Financial Manager
• Company
• Engineer
• Public Relations
• Logistics
• Risk management


Even after completing your degree from best B. Com (H) college in Greater Noida, it is still requires a great effort to become a CS. B. Com graduates must find a good institution to continue their studies on their path to become a CS. They can choose a career after B. Com (H)as bank manager, clerk, accountant,or they can continue chasing their dream career to become a CS. In both cases, students will gain a vast amount of knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in career.