How Many Students Appeared In JEE Main 2023?

All the details regarding the number of students who applied and appeared for the JEE Main 2023 exam have already been released by the National Testing Agency. According to the most recent information, 1113325 candidates registered for both JEE Main 2023 sessions. An estimated 8.6 lakh individuals registered for the JEE Main 2023 January session, of which 8.2 lakh students took the exam. Additionally, 8.8 lakh students took the exam out of the 9.3 lakh students who enrolled for the JEE Main 2023 April session. 95.79 percent of students registered for the January JEE Mains 2023 exam. The JEE Main exam was administered online by the National Testing Agency in several stages.To learn more about the precise number of students who have taken the JEE Mains exams in recent years, read the entire article.

How many students took the JEE Main exam in the previous years?

Year Students Registered Students appeared
2023 January – 860064

April – 931334

January – 823967

April – 883367

2022 June – 872970

July – 622034

June – 769604

July – 540242

2021 February – 652628

March – 619641

July – 709611

August – 767700

February – 621033

March – 556248

July – 543553

August – 481419

2020 8,58,000
2019 January – 9,29,198

April – 9,35,755

January – 8,74,469

April – 8,81,096

2018 10,43,739
2017 1186454 Online – 165635

Offline – 956716

2016 12,07,257 Online – 10,22,808

Offline: 1,72,058

2015 13,04,646 Online – 11,05,135

Offline – 1,87,782

2014 13,56,805 Online – 11,72,538

Offline – 1,72,369

2013 12,60,219 11,89,777
2012 11,45,353 10,70,276
2011 11,14,880 10,53,833
2010 11,18,147 10,65,100
2009 10,10,061 9,62,119


Statistics for IIT JEE Main 2023: How many candidates took the JEE Main exam?

Information regarding the number of students who took part in JEE Mains 2023 during both sessions has been made public by the National Testing Agency. The NTA has sent an official statement stating that 11,13,325 candidates registered for both sessions of JEE Main 2023.

The total number of candidates who registered and showed up for both sessions of JEE (Main)-2023 B.E./B.Tech (Paper 1) is:

Number of Candidates Registered in both sessions (January/April) of JEE (Main) – 2023 Exam 629000
Number of candidates who Appeared in both sessions (January/April) of JEE (Main) – 2023 Exam 594013
Number of candidates applied in the January 2023 exam (Session 1) 860064
Total candidates who took partin the January 2023 exam (Session 1) 823967
Total candidates who applied in the April 2023 exam (Session 2) 931334
Total candidates who took part in the April 2023 exam (Session 2) 883367
Total Number of unique candidates Registered in both Sessions (January/April) of JEE (Main) – 2023 Exam 1162398
Total Number of Unique Candidates Appeared in both Sessions (January/April) of JEE (Main) – 2023 Exam 1113325


Gender/Category-wise Registration of students in both sessions:

Gender General OBC- NCL SC ST Gen-EWS PwD Total
Female 139417 136172 33198 12709 35397 652 357545
Male 303169 303919 80254 28050 86919 2537 804848
Third Gender 2 1 2 0 0 0 5
Total 442588 440093 113452 40759 122316 3189 1162398


Gender/Category-wise Appearance of candidates in both Sessions:-

Gender General OBC- NCL SC ST Gen-EWS PwD Total
Female 132176 129190 30677 11503 34798 619 338963
Male 290936 293488 75658 26154 85696 2427 774359


0 2 0 0 1 0 3
Total 423112 422680 106335 37657 120495 3046 1113325


Total students appeared in JEE Mains 2023 (January)

Particular Details
Total number of students applied for JEE Main 2023 January session Paper 1 – 8.6 lakh

Paper 2 – 0.46 Lakh

Number of females registered for JEE Main 2023 exam session 1 Paper 1 – 2.6 lakh

Paper 2 – 21 K

Number of males registered for NTA JEE Main 2023 session 1 Paper 1 – 6 Lakh

Paper 2 – 25 K

The total number of students who appeared for the JEE Main Jan session 8.22 Lakh
The total percentage of candidates who appeared 95.79 %


Are You in Competition With Over A Million Students?

You have probably heard many JEE aspirants remark things like “It’s a very competitive exam.” Only a tiny percentage of the 10–12 lakhs are selected. Only about 10,000 students are admitted to IITs each year. JEE Mains is the second toughest exam in the world after GaoKao China.

The fundamental question is, are you up against those 10–12 lakh students?

In short, the response is no. Let’s understand why you shouldn’t be afraid.

The JEE Main exam is taken by a significant number of students from around the nation, whose preparation levels range from moderate to difficult.

More than half of the pupils who are underprepared are 12th graders who are focusing on their board exams and other entrance exams.

At least 4-5 lakhs are roughly prepared just to pass the exam and not to the level required to ace the exam while only 1-2 lakh students are prepared to the competitive level. Because of this, the most competitive student group is not the one with 10–12 lakhs, but rather the one with 1-2 lakhs; if you are well-prepared and want to pass the JEE Main exam, you belong in the “1 lakh” bracket.

Why JEE registrations are declining in number?

The decrease in the number of students taking the JEE Mains exam in recent years could be attributed to several factors.

Here are a few potential explanations:

  • Disruptions caused by the pandemic: India is not an exception to the fact that the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on schooling worldwide. It discouraged candidates from appearing in the exam.
  • Changes to the eligibility requirements: In recent years, there have been several changes to the eligibility requirements for enrolling in JEE Mains. One such change is the introduction of minimum qualifying marks for class 12 board exams, which may have rendered some students ineligible for the exam.
  • Increasing competition: The JEE Mains exam is becoming more competitive each year due to the growing number of applicants, and some students may lose hope in their chances of passing.
  • Accessibility to alternative career routes: A greater understanding of non-technical sectors, including entrepreneurship, the arts, sports, and other professions, has emerged in recent years, potentially inspiring some students to choose these tracks instead of technical ones.
  • Perception of difficulty: Since JEE Mains is regarded as one of the hardest exams in India, some candidates may decide not to take the test because they believe it will be too hard to pass.

JEE Main 2024 Exam Date

JEE Main 2024 Exam Date: The National Testing Agency will hold the first session of the JEE Main 2024 Exam from January 24 to February 1. On the other hand, the JEE Main 2024 April session will run from April 1 to April 15. The JEE Mains 2024 information bulletin is available at Applicants are eligible to take the NTA JEE Mains test if they pass or appear in the PCM class 10+2 exam.


Q.1: What are some JEE Main alternatives?

Candidates may choose to sit the BITSAT, SRMJEEE, WBJEE, VITEEE, MHT CET, etc. in place of the JEE Main exam.

Q2: When will the JEE Advanced 2024 Exam take place?

IIT Madras will hold the JEE Advanced Exam 2024 on May 26, 2024.

Q3. How many candidates took the JEE Mains exam in 2022?

In total, 905,590 distinct applicants participated in JEE Main 2022 throughout its two sessions in June and July.

Q4. How many candidates took the JEE Mains exam in 2023?

According to the most recent information, 11,13,325 distinct candidates participated in both JEE Main 2023 sessions.