Hostel Near IILM College Of Engineering & Technology Knowledge Park 2, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida

If you are looking for fully furnished hostel rooms to stay for studying in IILM College of Engineering & Technology,then the best option in greater noida is KCC Hostels. Anyone who sees the  hostel building for the first time is flattered because of the State of Art architecture. The surroundings are full of greenery, students enjoy time in the evening in nature.  The nearest metro station is Knowledge Park II. There are various categories of rooms which are fully furnished and economical. When a student starts staying in the hostel, they will not feel like they are in the hostel as all the basic needs are fulfilled like home.When the student is happy staying in the hostel, then parents are not worried and feel satisfied that their kid is well and happy in the hostel. All the facilities are provided to students to make their stay comfortable, home away from home.

Distance from IILM College of Engineering & Technology to KCC Hostels is – 2 minutes walking distance.

There are 4 types of rooms with AC / Cooler

  1. Single Occupancy AC and Cooler
  2. Double Occupancy AC and Cooler
  3. Triple Occupancy AC and Cooler
  4. Dorm Room AC

Every room either has a bed with comfortable bedding, study table, proper ventilation, almirahs with lock,study table,  attached balcony to sip tea or coffee in early mornings and enjoy nature. Every room has an attached washroom with geyser and basic necessities.After staying for sometime, students make close friends for lifetime in the hostel. After education too, they are in touch with friends and hang out with them. They also sit and talk about those moments they spend together in the hostel.

Sports and Fitness Center – Sports lovers will enjoy playing indoor and outdoor games like Chess, Snookers, Cricket, BasketBall, Cricket and Lawn Tennis. Students who love working out for good health will spend time in the Gym/ Fitness Center.

There is a Proper Kitchen where food is prepared on a day to day basis. All the groceries are kept in the kitchen to cut and make fresh and delicious food for students. There are about 5-10 kitchen staff who cut the vegetables and cook the food 4 times a day – Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner. If you are a food lover, you will be very happy staying in KCC Hostels.

All the students  have their food  in the hostel mess with their friends and classmates, the food is really fresh and delicious. If you are a food lover, you will enjoy eating various cuisines in the hostel mess. We have proper staff for the hostel mess. This is the place where all the students sit together and have food in the mess.


  1. High Speed Internet Connectivity
  2. Fresh and Delicious food – Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner served in Hostel Mess
  3. Gym for good health
  4. State of Art Sports Complex – many students enjoy playing indoor and outdoor games after classes. You can play cricket, snookers, billiards,basketball and many more games.
  5. Laundry and Ironing Services
  6. Bed and Bedding
  7. Study Table
  8. Washroom with geysers.
  9. TV room on every floor.
  10. Attached Balcony