CBSE Class 12th 2022 Preparation Tips

Follow a proper schedule

Sleep early so as to get up early in the morning, have a hearty breakfast and then study. Do not stay up till late and avoid worrying about uncontrollable things. You have to be your best – keep preparing for the important day. Take out 2-3 hours to relax and meditate. Read, sleep, play or do whatever you think gives you peace of mind. Exercise is also a good option.

Don’t eat too much or too less

Exercise your brain in a positive way, and do not overburden it with lots of thoughts. Be clear in your mind and do not pressurize yourself to cover things that are beyond your reach.

Make realistic targets for each day. Do not overdo things.
Do not try and study everything in a single day. Try taking it slow and properly portion your revision accordingly.

Out of the 5 or 6 subjects, pick up 2 or a maximum of 3 subjects and pick up a topic or two from each and go into the depths of the topics, instead of just skimming.

3. Mix and match

Plan your day well. Like a balanced meal, it is important to have all the essential ingredients while studying as well. Do not have all easy subjects/topics in a day or do not over burden yourself with topics that you find difficult. To improve your output, start your “day” with a light subject for an hour or so, once you get warmed up, take up a heavy subject to study.

Study that for 2 hours or so and gradually increase the level of preparation. For example, if you find Mathematics tough and English easy, start your day by reading a chapter or 2 from your NCERT literature text book for English.

After you are done with English, solve a topic from Mathematics for 2 hours. Gradually increase the difficulty level of the questions you attempt. Once you are through with this, take a break for a while and resume with a topic you are find relatively comfortable.

4. Solve sample papers

It is often said that there is no best practice than match practice. Solve one CBSE sample question paper each day, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, in a peaceful environment as close to the one you expect at your examination center. After you have solved the paper, mark yourself as per the CBSE marking scheme.

Pick a different subject for each of the five/six days. Assess yourself at the end of the week, look at your weak areas and try to rectify them in the weeks to follow. While solving sample papers, make a point to solve the ones provided by the CBSE. The papers provided by the CBSE are the closest possible papers to the real thing available to you.

Practice the art of relaxation

Exercise along with meditation help improve concentration. Many of the athletes and sports professionals regularly employ meditation methods.
Meditation strengthens the mind, it comes under control and is able to provide effective guidance to the physical body to effectively execute all its projects. Psychological Exercises are the best way of improving concentration and improving mental strength.

So go for a walk in the park early in the morning or in the evening before you start studying or spend 15 minutes meditating. Do yoga regularly.