B.Tech Civil Engineering Course Comparison

BTech Civil Engineering is a four year engineering undergraduate course that deals with designing, planning, constructing, maintaining, improving and supervising civil structures such as bridges, roads, dams or anything of use to the civilian population.

In Civil Engineering, by and large, three main specializations are available.

Specializations Structural Engineering Transportation Engineering


Construction Engineer


Overview Structural Engineering is responsible for creating stable and environmentally safe structures while keeping in mind the rigidity, strength, etc. of the structure.


Transportation engineering is planning, design, operation, and maintenance of safe and efficient transportation systems. Construction Engineering designs, manages, and overlooks projects in the construction industry.
Focus Area Focus is on practical applications Focus is on conception, planning, design, and operation, etc Focus is also on practical applications along with theoretical knowledge
Average Course Fees INR 1,50,000 INR 2,00,000 INR 3,00,000
Areas of Employment Building construction, pipelines and bridge construction, etc. These systems include roadways, railways, waterways, airways, ports, harbours, and intermodal operations. sewage systems, railways, Irrigation companies, construction, and land development, urban development, etc.
Job Avenues Planning Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Structural Engineer,  Project Engineer, Site Engineer, etc Transportation Engineer, , Civil Engineering Technicians, Traffic Engineer Civil Engineer, Water Resource Engineer, Environmental Engineers, Civil Engineering Technicians, etc
Average Placement Package INR 3,30,000 INR 450000 INR 3,00,000 to INR 5,00,000

Which Specialization is, currently, best in the market?

Although, the admission and eligibility criteria are same for all the fields of Civil Engineering and all the specializations are inter-related to each other in regard to understanding of the civil as a whole subject. However, one can either opt for Civil engineering covering all the part of specialities or directly go for specialization he/she is passionate about. Considering all things, in the present era, with the on-going transformation in the infrastructure and transportation system, these all are in trend and consider as a highly paid career.