B. Com Specialization for Better Career

The basic degree for any student studying commerce is a bachelor’s in commerce (B. Com). It offers a conceptual grasp of subjects including accounting, taxation, business law, and economics. Even students who choose science in class twelve may restart in commerce because this course is too lucrative.

A successful job, however, might not be possible with just a basic B.Com degree. Consider pursuing a B. Com Specializations if you want to start working right immediately after earning your degree. In order to assist you in developing a fruitful and lucrative profession, we have listed the top 8 B. Com Specialization courses.

Career options after B. Com is infinite as every business and sector require professionals who can keep track of finances and suggest lucrative investment prospects.

B.Com specialization in Finance and Accounting

You will receive fundamental practical skills by specializing in accounting and finance. If you excel in accounting and enjoy working with numbers, this specialization is right for you. It is crucial to note that many prestigious institutions want you to have taken mathematics in class 12 in order to be eligible for their B. Com specializations.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • Com. Honors in Accounting and Finance program is a 3-year undergraduate program.
  • You must have passed the 10+2 exam in any stream in order to be qualified.
  • From college to college, the cost varies. The cost of college tuition might range from INR 4500 to INR 2 lacs.

B. Com specialization with a Financial Markets

This may be your area of expertise if you find the large, elaborate stock markets fascinating. You will learn about the various financial markets’ working principles in this course. You will get knowledge of SEBI and its guidelines for financial products like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • The B. Com Honors in Financial Markets (BFM) undergraduate program is a three-year program in the commerce stream.
  • You can pursue a career after B. Com as an accountant, financial controller, finance manager, or financial advisor in various consultancies after completing this course.
  • You can pursue advanced degrees like Chartered Accountancy, M. Com, and M.B.A. after finishing this program.

B.Com specialization in Statistics

Similar to the previous two B. Com specializations, this also calls for a wide range of practical abilities. This is an excellent option if you excel at accounting, practical applications, and numbers. This departs a little from economics. You’ll work with graphs for between 70 and 80 percent of the course’s material.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • Com specialization in Statistics is a 3-year undergraduate program.
  • You must have taken economics, business studies, and accounting in addition to English.
  • The cost of this course might range from INR 5000 to 5 LPA.

B.Com Specialization in Banking and Finance

This specialization is ideal for you if the banking industry piques your interest. You will learn about banking, insurance, and other related financial industries in this course. In several colleges, this degree is also known as a B. Com in Banking and Insurance.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • The B. Com with Honors in Banking, Finance, and Insurance is a three-year undergraduate program.
  • Environmental Education, Business Communication, Financial Management, and Mathematical and Statistical Methods are among the topics covered in this course.
  • You have two options after earning this degree: continue your education by obtaining chartered accountancy, M. Com., or M.B.A., or start a career in banking, insurance, finance, auditing, or another industry.

B.Com Specialization with a Computer Application

People who are interested in computer applications and who want to learn about computers in addition to their B. Com. should take this course. In some colleges, this degree is also known as B. Com. Computer Science or B. Com. Informatics Practices. The typical cost of this course might be anything from INR 15000 and INR 1 lakh.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • The B.Com Honors in Computer Applications is a 3-year undergraduate program
  • Candidates must have taken accounting, mathematics, business, and economics as their four primary subjects in Grade 12 to be eligible.
  • Candidates who successfully complete this degree may pursue career options after B. Com as business consultants, analysts, auditors, computer programmers, and app developers.

B.Com specialization in Actuarial Science

The person who determines the premium for any insurance policy is known as an actuary. Numerous arithmetic problems and other elements are included. You will study about insurance premiums, risk calculations, and the use of mathematic and economic analysis in financial decisions in this course. This course may be appropriate for you if your core mathematical abilities are strong.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • The B. Com Honors in Actuarial Science is a three-year undergraduate.
  • You must have a Class 12 grade point average of at least 50% from a recognized board.
  • Most colleges also conduct a round of individual interviews.

B.Com Specialization in Business Economics

Here is a B. Com specialty for you if economics is your unwavering love. You will study business with a focus on managerial practices and rate calculation in this course. The typical tuition for this degree might range from INR 20,000 to 1.5 lakhs.

Important Steps to Take Note

  • Com Honors in Business Economics is a three-year undergraduate program
  • The CUCET, MDU CEE, DUET, and CA CPT are the typical entry exams for this program.
  • You could pursue a career in research companies, banks, or other financial institutions after finishing this course.


We sincerely hope that this blog has clarified the numerous facets of these B. Com Specializations and helped you identify the course that would be most beneficial to you. Choosing the right course will also determine the career options after B. Com.