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Preparing for the law entrance exams like CLAT requires a lot of dedication and planning for better results. One might be appearing for the CLAT exam next year but is unsure about the right time to start the preparation.

Remember, every individual’s grasping power and understanding capacity may vary. Therefore, it is advised to start the CLAT preparation at least a year before the exam. In this way, one can cover all the topics as per the syllabus and also get time for revision.

Moreover, it is important to understand one’s strength and weakness while practicing through Mocks, which serve as a companion one needs during the prep.

One of the common questions that run in the minds of aspirants is ‘how to prepare for CLAT in one year’. Well, the best tip to crack the exam in one year is to plan for the preparation smartly. With a proper study plan, the right study resources, hard work, along with proper time management, one can easily crack the exam in the first attempt.

To help you understand the requirements of a smart prep, we have calculated the best CLAT preparation tips that would help one prepare well for the exam in 365 days:

  1. Know the syllabus: As well known, the questions asked in the exam are now comprehension-based. So, being aware of the CLAT syllabus makes it easier to pay additional attention to topics that carry more weight.

Also, it will help in identifying the important topics from the exam point of view. With focus on comprehension and decision-making skills, CLAT requires one to focus on reading habit. An early start gives that edge.

Know the exam pattern: While the syllabus is important, understanding each section, weightages, marking scheme, time allowed helps to ensure one is on track when it comes to managing each section and ensuring a good score across all the sections.

  1. Make a study plan: Having understood the syllabus and pattern, it’s time to have a study plan. A plan that helps maintains a balance between the subjects as well as the Class 12 board curriculum.
  2. If one is already well-versed with any topic then focus must shift to working on the weak areas. Having time allotted for revision is a must.
  3. Practice past year papers: Practice makes you perfect! Solving past year papers will help understand the difficulty level and ensures one is not surprised at every point of prep.
  4. Past year papers will give a broad idea about what to expect, unless there is a pattern change, which will definitely demand a change in plan otherwise like what happened to students who wrote CLAT 2020.
  5. Attempting mock tests: Taking up mock tests is one of the best methods to test the preparation levels. With the help of CLAT mock tests, one can improve speed and accuracy. One learns from mistakes and takes corrective measures.
  6. Learn time management: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a must to manage your time for the preparation. Practicing mocks and samples will help improve your time management skills.
  7. After completion of each mock, analyze how much time you take to complete each question. Also, follow CLAT time management tips to better understand how you can manage time in the final exam.
  8. Find a coach: Even the greatest of athletes swear by their coach. Coaching from experienced mentors help to get queries resolved. You may join coaching online or offline. The pandemic has shown that one can learn online too from home.
  9. While some see coaching as a taboo and may be averse to the thought, right coaching helps streamline one’s preparation and makes one understand the competition. CLAT not in sync with school curriculum, doubts are bound to be there when learning something new.
  1. The last one month before the CLAT exam is crucial. One may feel tense and jittery despite the best prep effort already put in? But one needs to be calm and relaxed as one approaches the exam. Wondering how to prepare for CLAT in one month?
  2. Before one goes ahead with the tips, one must note that there is no one-month preparation for CLAT. With a vast syllabus for CLAT, it is not possible to prepare for all subjects in one just one month.
  3. Generally, that last month is designated for revision and glancing at all topics once again to be perfect.
  4. Here are the top 5 tips to prepare for CLAT in one month:
  5. Deep understanding of pattern and syllabus: For any preparation to be successful one needs to understand the pattern and syllabus of the examination. Know if there are any changes introduced in CLAT and topics to be studied. Also, check the weight age of each topic.
  6. Revising all the topics from each subject: As the last month is said to be a revision period, ensure to revise each topic. Give a glance at easy topics. Make sure to read the notes prepared during the initial period of studying.
  7. Solving previous year’s papers: One of the most important tip for scoring good marks is to practice previous years question papers. One must try solving past year papers to understand the difficulty level of the CLAT exam.
  8. Taking up mock tests regularly: Attempt mock tests to analyze the preparation levels. This will help to figure out any weak links and take corrective measures.
  9. Do not read any new topic since the last month is for revising topics, don’t read any new material or topics. Try to revise whatever studied earlier. Reading new topics can confuse and could make you forget what has already been learnt.
  10. Solving as many questions as possible, getting concepts cleared, proper analysis of the mocks, and time-bound disciplined work is the key.

Top Institutes for Coaching

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