In-House Staff


The manager of the hostel pays attention to every small detail so that people living here does not face any complication. He boosts the morale and motivation of other staff of the hostels. He patiently attends to each and every feedback that he receives in order to rectify lapse if any. He evaluates the conduct of work force so as to perpetuate the quality of service provided. Manager provides local information whenever required and remove uncertainty if any. He organizes and executes activities and special events. He reviews the areas which require improvement and thereby create and follow a plan to preserve the desired atmosphere in the hostel.

Reception Staff

The reception staff at the hostel is very amicable and cordial. He keeps a check on every minute detail. He conducts proper check-in and check-out procedures, maintains records, interacts with the guests with a very receptive manner, maintains accurate reservation information, maintains a customer contact list and assist with any other requests if any. He plays a big role in keeping a healthy and peaceful hostel environment.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff works in a fast-paced and demanding environment so as to prepare delicious meals. The kitchen staff performs a wide range of duties in the fast-moving kitchen. The kitchen staff arrives early to organize the kitchen and do food prep to streamline cooking and meal presentation, including washing, peeling, and cutting fruits and vegetables; mixing ingredients for dishes. The kitchen staff is responsible for ensuring that all areas of the kitchen, food prep, and food storage areas are clean and properly sanitized.

This includes washing dishes and cooking equipment, cleaning floors, sanitizing countertops and cutting boards, and maintaining all areas to health code standards. They are the ones who ensure a regular supply of adequate and clean food.


We have appointed highly trained team to look after each and every aspect of security. Hostel security guards work directly on the hostel property, patrolling the grounds, parking lots, lobbies and keeping surveillance over all. Hostel guards are assigned a room, where they monitor the hostel via security cameras. Hostel guard is often expected to maintain order and discipline among the different groups of people. They ensure that all the hostel doors are properly closed and no outsider is allowed in the hostel without prior permission.


Hostel assistant provide administrative and operational support to all the people that work in the Hostels. They focus on training new employees, taking phone calls, assigning tasks, monitoring staff when the Hostel Manager is not present and doing paperwork. They complete all activities related to the operations of a hostels and therefore ensuring that the establishment works as smoothly as possible.