Quality housekeeping services are there in the hostels. Housekeeping task is done by a number of people assigned for the job. High quality cleaning products and cleaning equipments are used by the cleaning staff to do the work faster. Vacuuming the rooms, dusting, cleaning toilets, sinks and showers, mopping, sorting trash and recycling, etc. are done daily. Gathering bed linens, washing and ironing are done on a regular basis. Well organized and daily updated cleaning to do list for the rooms are prepared so that the work is properly segregated between the staff.


We believe that you must enjoy social life as well. For this a well designed and fully furnished cafeteria or dining hall is created in the hostel which provides wholesome, nutritious and homely food.

Also high level of hygiene is monitored. The menu comprises of dishes from across the states. It caters to the taste of the people of different region and varied culinary preferences. Mouth watering food is prepared at the cafeteria keeping in mind the hygiene and cleanliness. Well balanced and nutritious meals are provided here all round the clock. Four times meal i.e. breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, tea, and dinner is provided. Everything from South Indian, Gujrati thali, Punjabi food, sweets, curd, milk to Chinese, continental, etc are provided. Regular supply of clean drinking water is assured.


For you to stay fit and healthy, gym is provided here. For improving personality, strengthening the core and achieving quality results, the gym is equipped with treadmill, exercise bikes, dumbbells, cross trainers, leg press, etc. The equipments range is distinguished by contemporary designs and high end training techniques. All the equipments have safety certifications and proper compliance with regulations. The gym also has a proper gym trainer to help you with your activities. The gym is open both in the morning and evening hours.


The safety and security of the people here is our primary concern. But safety does not come by chance. We have to constantly keep a check and be vigilant all the time to avoid any problem. Our aim is to make your stay a safe and comfortable one. Therefore we have taken certain precautionary measures to make you feel at home. For this we have appointed guards, warden and other personnel necessary to ensure safety. The premises are properly locked at night by the guards. Restricted entry of outsider or entry only on permission is allowed. 24x7 patrolling of the premises is done. Proper key handling system is made for each room. Guards are always there in the Hostels.


At KCC we have full laundry solutions here. Laundry and dry cleaning service is equipped with imported machinery for every kind of clothes and fabrics. Everyone can get their clothes washed and 100% dry within 24 Hours in a clean and hygienic environment with good quality washing and drying irrespective of the weather outside. And all these facilities are absolutely free. This is a big relief for the people residing here and leads to comfort like home. Ironing facility is also provided to the residents. All these give dwellers a pleasant laundry experience.


Extensive parking area is provided for you to park your vehicle. This is big relief here as now you do not have to look out for parking areas and won’t have to leave your vehicles at the mercy of others. Parking spaces are readily available providing for safe and efficient passage of the automobile and driver. Your vehicle will be unconditionally safe and secure. It will be time saving for everyone.